This is the text of an email I have sent this morning to Evan.

Evan, For some strange reason which I cannot explain I am no longer following you on WordPress. Can you explain it to me. I have been reviewing student blogs this weekend and last night went to do yours and I did not have access to it. When I enter your wordpress url I am told I am following you but you do not appear on my list and when I search for you they say that url does not exist.


Have you ever read Joseph Heller’s Catch 22? It was a very popular book in the early 70’s about the irrationality of existence, and the phrase Catch 22 became part of our Language. Wikipedia on Catch 22 They made a movie of it, a very popular one. Definition of Catch 22 in the movie of that title.

I will post this message to my blog with the hope  that someone in the class can figure out the answer to my confusion.


In Peace, Susan Landgraf


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