This is a copy of the sheet that was handed out to each of you at AMNH on November 11th

Exhibits we are viewing today:

Human Origins and Cultural Halls

Hall of Mexico and Central America

Hall of African Peoples

Gardner D. Stout Hall of Asian Peoples

Hall of Eastern Woodland Indians

Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins

Hall of Northwest Coast Indians

Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples

Hall of Plains Indians

Hall of South American Peoples


Mammal Halls

Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals

Akeley Hall of African Mammals

Hall of Asian Mammals

Hall of New York State Mammals

Hall of Primates

Hall of Small Mammals

We will be visiting, during class time, permanent exhibitions which can be seen by donation only, as at The Met. First we will visit Human Origins and Cultural Halls:

Then we will visit The Mammal Halls

Should you be able to stay after 12:35 all choices are open to you.. including paid entry to special exhibits.

As per the assignment in the syllabus you will “photograph your time at the Museum, considering how Animal and Human Cultures are represented in the displays.” Before posting to your blog you will “edit your images creating a context for those images based on cultural keywords from Williams USING TEXT. Explain your thinking and selection in writing. Post to your blog”

Previously I have assigned you to read John Berger’s “Why Look at Animals” At reading posted to the blog is from



This is the text of an email I have sent this morning to Evan.

Evan, For some strange reason which I cannot explain I am no longer following you on WordPress. Can you explain it to me. I have been reviewing student blogs this weekend and last night went to do yours and I did not have access to it. When I enter your wordpress url I am told I am following you but you do not appear on my list and when I search for you they say that url does not exist.


Have you ever read Joseph Heller’s Catch 22? It was a very popular book in the early 70’s about the irrationality of existence, and the phrase Catch 22 became part of our Language. Wikipedia on Catch 22 They made a movie of it, a very popular one. Definition of Catch 22 in the movie of that title.

I will post this message to my blog with the hope  that someone in the class can figure out the answer to my confusion.


In Peace, Susan Landgraf